How Network Engineering and Administration Should Be

Discovery & Design

We work alongside your internal technology team or directly with the business, to best understand the needs and goals for each new setup. Our goal is not just to give you a network, but rather to give you the best possible solution brought about by our experts, that will fulfill your current and future needs as you grow. We design your networks with a security first approach, allowing us to ensure that your data always stays yours. We have designed networks for large warehouses with thousands of endpoints and IoT systems, as well as offices, store fronts, and many other situations. We have the industry expertise to not only solve your problem, but give you the most optimal solution.



Following the discovery and design, we will work to bring the project to life. Many times in technology, what is implemented and what was understood before the implementation started, can turn out to be very different things. The main cause for this is typically a lack of communication and understanding between the business needs and the technology team. At WiseGuyz we understand these pain points and ensure that this type of thing never happens. We are highly agile, and work directly with the business to ensure that what we are building is exactly what is needed.


24/7 Support

Design and implementation are only a very small part of the overall process to maintain a healthy network, as well as a healthy client relationship. We will always answer the call to any issues at any site at any time. You are not just getting a technology partner, you are getting a business asset who is willing to go that extra mile to ensure everything is always up to par and functioning as it should. We have a client first mindset and take pride in every project we do.


What They’re Saying About Us

“With Covid, everything became remote and of course security was a concern for us. WiseGuyz came in and seamlessly configured out network VLAN's and created new VPN subnets to allow secure access for our remote employees to still access all the necessary hardware on site and in the cloud.”

Alley CohenVP of IT

“WiseGuyz gave us the industry knowledge that we needed to create a site to site connection between our on premise networks and our entire Azure ecosystem, allowing us to properly communicate with our robust IoT at each remote location.”

Jason SmithDirector of IT

Technology We Work With